Hi, I'm Julia

I like to create cool things.

Who I Am: The Basics

I'm a creative technologist who's passionate about using technology to drive social change. I have experience in UX/UI design, web development, user research, and project management. I'm a team player who always strives for excellence, and I'm perpetually curious about this amazing world we live in. I belive that great technology is just like magic and can be used to build anything we can imagine.

I love technology because I love people. I'm an extrovert, a proud ENFP (discover your own Myers Briggs personality type here) who is constantly interested in and amazed by what makes others tick. I like to approach everything I do from a human-centered mindset - above all, I design/code/manage/create for the user.

In my spare time I like to read, make playlists on Spotify, run, play the ukulele/piano/clarinet, write and read articles on Medium, and listen to poetry on YouTube.

Who I Am: Schoolwork

Year: 2017

College: Engineering

Major: Information Science, Systems, and Technology

Relevant Coursework:

My favorite classes have been in web development, object oriented programming, pyschology and sociology of computing, artificial intelligence, networks, human computer interaction design (fall 2016), machine learning (fall 2016), and rapid prototyping (fall 2016).

Work Experience

Johnson & Johnson: Data and Analytics Intern

Duration: June 2016-August 2016

The Job: Developed seating reservation system using PHP, SQL, HTML, and JavaScript to increase workplace efficiency and decrease overcrowding.
Designed standard dashboard to display Google Analytics metrics in Google Data Studio.
Created logo, agenda, and badge design for Women's Leadership Event.

Johnson & Johnson: Information Security Intern

Duration: May 2015-August 2015

The Job: Developed tools using Python, cURL, and various APIs for to automate workflow processes. Saved 4 hours of process time, decreased human error.
Participated in several stretch projects for Application Services. Created website mockups, integrated Google Analytics with websites built in Visualforce on top of Salesforce.
Wrote daily threat advisory reports for Cyber Security Investigations.

Reimagination Lab: Research Assistant

Duration: May 2014-present

The Job: Develop research strategies based on previous experiments for studying sharing habits and patterns on Tumblr. Create a web tool using HTML/CSS, JQuery, AJAX, Python, Django, d3.js, Google Charts, and the Tumblr API to aid in gathering and displaying Tumblr data. Write research questions, contact and interview participants through Tumblr.

Early Adopter Network: Quality Assurance Intern

Duration: August 2014-August 2015

The Job: Test iOS and OS X applications for clients provided through Early Adopter Network. Create functional test reports, including instructions on how to reproduce any bugs found. Create usability test reports based on specifications provided by the client.

Portfolio and Projects

Anabel's Grocery
Professor In Touch
Data, Design, and Society
Women's Leadership Event
Seating Reservation System
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